Renesas and Micrium’s “The Power of Two” Campaign Continues by Popular Demand

The popular “The Power of Two” promotion from Renesas America has been extended based on tremendous success with the program, and popular demand. There has never been a better time to have the combined power of two great companies in your court, while saving money at the same time. Refresh your understanding of the program! Test the free projects, commit to using Renesas and Micrium, and then apply for a free Production License.

Renesas and Micrium join forces to present an exciting offer for production users of Renesas’ flagship RX and RL78 MCUs. RX and RL78 customers can get a free, single production license for Micrium’s real-time deterministic multitasking Kernel (uC/OS-II or uC/OS-III) and middleware (TCP/IP, USB, File System and others) plus free support and maintenance from Micrium at no cost during your one year development period. The new customer project must use a Renesas RX or RL78 MCU product and it must be used in a commercial application.
(* Additional Micrium components available at special pricing.)

No royalties. No licensing fees. Full, clean, ANSI C source code provided! μC/GUI available, too!

Renesas and Micrium have now added μC/GUI to “The Power of Two” promotion, including Touch Screen support! μC/GUI is universal graphical software for embedded applications that provides LCD GUI to applications using a graphical LCD. Designed for single and multi-task environments, μC/GUI is adaptable to nearly any size physical or virtual display with an LCD controller and CPU, and is delivered with all source code. Developers can add a state of the art graphical user interface with or without touch-screen support, and save time on current and future embedded projects, with best GUI written in C. Get a feel for μC/GUI powerful graphical API and exercise the functions on your PC with Micrium’s PC trial version. (To apply for this additional complimentary production license and source code, please request it in the “other” section of your application, and tell us a little about your LCD requirements)

Promotion details

The promotion is only valid in the Americas (North America, South America and Central America). The customer project must use a Renesas RX or RL78 MCU product and it must be used in a commercial application. Qualified customers can request any number of single-product licenses. We also offer special “Product Family” and “CPU” licenses for broader uses. Details are available from Renesas.

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