Finisar Demonstrates 400G Ethernet Technology and Previews CFP8 Module Supporting Both Single Mode and Multimode Fiber at ECOC 2015

Optics Leader to Also Show Next Generation SFP28 Transceivers for 25GE Over 10 km, QSFP28 and  SFP28 Transceivers Without FEC for Low Latency Applications, and Enhanced Instrumentation Software

Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR), a world leader in optical transceiver technology, today demonstrated several innovative technologies for high-speed optical networking applications. The demonstrations include a preview of the new 400GE CFP8 module, next-generation 25GE LR SFP28 transceivers enabling 10 km links over single mode fiber, QSFP28 SR4 and SFP28 SR transceivers without FEC for low latency applications, and new WaveAnalyzer™ software with enhanced capabilities.  Finisar
continues to lead the industry in developing technologies to drive increased density, reduced latency, and increased power efficiency. 

400G Ethernet Technology
The 400G Ethernet technology display will showcase the current breadth of the ecosystem, including Finisar 100GE and 400GE modules, Xilinx FPGAs and test equipment from Viavi Solutions and Spirent. The live demonstration will feature an error-free 400G SR16 optical link using four Finisar 100GE CFP4 SR4 modules driven by a 400GE Xilinx FPGA.  A 400GE CFP8 module will also be displayed. CFP8 is a new, first-generation optical transceiver form factor for 400G Ethernet applications. Already being defined by the CFP MSA, CFP8 enables 6.4 Tb/s on a 1RU host system card. With physical dimensions similar to a CFP2 module, it is currently the only form factor that supports both multimode and single mode applications at this link speed, as well as both CDAUI-16 (16x25G) and CDAUI-8 (8x50G) electrical I/O. CFP8 modules can additionally support high-density 4x100GE fan-out applications with double the 100G port density of QSFP28, while providing the flexibility to also support 400GE as service providers upgrade their networks. 

Longwave 10km 25GE SFP28 Transceivers
Finisar is also demonstrating its 25GE LR SFP28 transceivers enabling a 10 km link over single mode fiber at full data rate
(25.78 Gb/s). 25GE is the natural progression of Ethernet enabling a seamless upgrade path for 10GE LR links in enterprise, data center, wireless, and access applications. They will also interoperate in a fan-out configuration with a 100G PSM4 module.  In order to satisfy customer requests, Finisar is planning to move to volume production ahead of the formal definition of the 25GE standard. 25GE SFP28 transceivers are currently sampling.

Low Latency QSFP28 and SFP28 Transceivers for Links without FEC
For low latency applications, Finisar is demonstrating new versions of its 100GE QSFP28 SR4 and 25GE SFP28 SR transceivers interoperating without Forward Error Correction (FEC). These transceivers support links up to 30m on OM3 and 40m on OM4 fiber. Ordinarily, FEC is required by the IEEE standard to ensure that 25GE SR4 optical links are closed and error-free. However, FEC increases latency and there are many applications where turning off FEC is required to decrease latency or reduce power consumption on the host board. The superior optical performance of these transceivers eliminates the need for FEC. Based on
Finisar’s in-house VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology and vertical integration capability, Finisar is able to meet the non-FEC, low latency requirements in multiple form factors.  

WaveAnalyzer and WaveManager Software Upgrades 
Building on its industry-leading instrumentation technology, Finisar is also introducing upgraded software for the WaveAnalyzer™
1500S High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer, including an app for remotely accessing the WaveAnalyzer software from Android devices. Also available is WaveManager version 2.7. All new software will be demonstrated at ECOC alongside the latest versions of the WaveShaper™ product families. New software can be downloaded from  The WaveAnalyzer upgrade will be available in October.

Finisar continues to drive innovation across a wide range of optical technologies,” said Rafik Ward , Vice President of Global
Marketing at Finisar . “Not only are we leading the industry in next-generation technologies like 400G, we enable our customers
to enhance their existing product lines. With our technology, their products can be more cost-effective, robust, and competitive.”
Finisar will also have on display equipment from its wide portfolio of products, including its latest transceivers, optical engines,
active optical cables, optical components, optical instrumentation, ROADM & wavelength management, optical amplifiers, and 

About Finisar
Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR) is a global technology leader for fiber optic subsystems and components that enable
high-speed voice, video and data communications for telecommunications, networking, storage, wireless, and cable TV applications. For more than 25 years, Finisar has provided critical optics technologies to system manufacturers to meet the
increasing demands for network bandwidth.  Finisar is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA with R&D, manufacturing sites, and sales offices worldwide. For additional information, visit

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