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Company Description

u-blox is a global provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Their solutions let people, vehicles and machines determine their precise position and communicate wirelessly over cellular and short range networks. With a broad portfolio of chips, modules and a growing ecosystem of product supporting data services, u-blox is uniquely positioned to empower its customers to develop innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, quickly and cost effectively.


Cellular Modules

  • LTE-M Modules (SARA Series)
  • NB-IoT Modules (SARA Series)
  • LTE Cat 1 Modules (LARA and TOBY Series)
  • LTE Cat 6 Modules (TOBY Series)
  • LTE Cat 4 Modules (TOBY and MPCI Series)
  • GSM and UTMS Modules (SARA and LISA Series)

Short Range Radio Modules

  • Stand-alone Short Range Radio Modules (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
  • Host-based Short Range Radio Modules (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and V2X)

Position and Time Modules

  • Standard Precision GNSS Chips and Modules
  • Standard Precision GNSS Antenna Modules
  • Dead Reckoning GNSS Chips and Modules
  • Dead Reckoning GNSS Modules
  • Timing Modules
  • High Precision GNSS Modules

Application Boards/Evaluation Kits and Tools

  • Positioning Solutions
  • Internet of Things Solutions
  • Bluetooth Solutions
  • Gateway Solutions
  • GNSS Position & Time Evaluation Kits
  • Short Range Wireless Evaluation Kits
  • Cellular Evaluation Kits and Adapter Boards
  • u-center GNSS Evaluation Software
  • Android GNSS Solution
  • m-center Cellular Evaluation Software for Windows
  • RIL Software for Cellular Modules
  • s-center Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module Evaluation Software
  • Bluetooth iOS and Android App

Authorized Distributors

Illinois Wisconsin
Digi-Key 800-344-4539 800-344-4539
Future 847-273-0067 262-879-0244
Mouser 800-346-6873 800-346-6873
RichardsonRFPD 630-262-6880 630-262-6880