Qualcomm RFFE Filter Products

Qualcomm RFFE Filter Products

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RF360 Holdings is a Qualcomm Incorporate subsidiary with R&D and manufacturing and/or sales locations in Europe and Asia and its headquarters in Munich, Germany (collectively, “RF360”) driving innovation in Radio Frequency Front End (RFFE). With over 4,000 employees worldwide, RF360 develops and manufactures innovative RFFE filtering solutions for mobile devices and fast growing business segments, such as IoT, drones, robotics, automotive applications and more.

RF360 offers a comprehensive portfolio of filters and filter technologies, including surface acoustic wave (SAW), temperature-compensated surface acoustic wave (TC-SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) solutions to support the wide range of frequency bands being deployed in networks across the globe.


  • Automotive Electronics
    • Narrowband Filters for ISM
    • Wideband Filters for ISM
    • Filters and Duplexers for Telematics Communication
    • Diplexers, Band-stop Fitlers and Extractors for GNSS, Digital Radio and Metering
    • Bandpass Filters for Digital Radio
    • Resonators
  • Mobile Communications
    • Filters for GSM Application
    • Filters for TDSCDMA/TD-LTE Application
    • Filters and Duplexers for CDMA/WCDMA/LTE Applciation
    • Filters for Complementary Wireless Application (Navigation, WLAN, Bluetooth)
  • Industrial Electronics
    • Basestation IF Filters
    • Basestation RF Filters
    • Dualband Filters and Diplexers
    • Braodband Wireless Access and WiMAX Filters
    • Trunked Radio Filters
    • Filters for Satellite Navigation and Cable Networks
    • Filters for Smallcells and Convergence Applications (Femtocells, Internet Access Points, ...)
    • Duplexers and Post PA Filters for Smallcells and Convergence Applications (Femtocells, ...)
    • Filters and Duplexers for M2M and IoT Applications
    • Band-stop Filters for Mobile TV, TV, Tuner and Set-Top-Box Applciations
    • Bandpass Filters for Channel Stacking Switch and Satellite Router

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Avnet Electronics 847-396-7300 262-513-1500
Digi-Key 800-344-4539 800-344-4539
Mouser 800-346-6873 800-346-6873
RichardsonRFPD 630-262-6880 630-262-6880
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