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For over 20 years Fingerprint Cards have been working to make you the key to everything. They have played a significant role in the smartphone revolution. And, with two decades of innovation and a billion sensors shipped, they can certainly say that we are here for the long run. Their mission remains the same: to hand over the "key to everything" to whom it belongs, you.

The historical milestone of one billion sensors shipped was reached in May 2019. The Biometric Software Platform for payments was launched, and Fingerprint Cards receive the world’s first volume order of fingerprint sensors for contactless payment cards from Gemalto. Their first in-display sensor for mobile is announced at MWC, enabling users to authenticate on the screen and offering smartphone brands greater design freedom. The next wave for biometrics has entered, with new form factors emerging across payments and IoT.


The world’s No1 capacitive fingerprint touch sensor. Since the launch of our first touch sensor in an Android smartphone 2014, we have constantly developed our sensors. Today there are endless opportunities of placing them in a device. Power consumption in our solutions is down to almost nothing, and with our unique software and algorithms the sensor is always ready for human interaction.

Fingerprints offers a complete range of fingerprint biometric technologies that can be used separately or in combination - including sensors, biometric processors, and modules. The competitive advantages offered by Fingerprints’:

  • unique image quality
  • extreme robustness
  • low power consumption

Fingerprints’ capacitive touch sensors are based on patented proprietary technology, which offers several advantages such as high image quality, and 256 gray-scale values from every single pixel element. The sensors contain small capacitive plates, each with their own electrical circuit embedded in the chip. The sensors use Fingerprints’ proprietary HSPA (High Sensitive Pixel Amplifier) that allows each pixel element in the sensor to detect very weak signals, which improves image quality for all types of fingers.

Capacitance is the ability to hold an electrical charge. Fingerprints’ sensors contain tens of thousands of small capacitive plates, each with their own electrical circuit embedded in the chip. When the finger is placed on the sensor, extremely weak electrical charges are created, building a pattern between the finger’s ridges or valleys and the sensor’s plates. Using these charges, the sensor measures the capacitance pattern across the surface. The measured values are digitized by the sensor and sent to the neighboring microprocessor.

Fingerprints’ HSPA method also allows the use of a patented protective coating that is 25 to 30 times thicker than other suppliers and helps Fingerprints’ sensors to withstand values well above the European Community Standard Class 4 requirement of 15 kV for static electricity (ESD) and to withstand wear and tear. Fingerprints’ sensors are robust and capable of more than 10 million finger placements.


Fingerprints offers a portfolio of high-quality and robust touch sensors with a durable scratch-resistant coating. They are based on a capacitive sensor technology with best-in-class 3D picture reading, including superior imaging quality with 256 true grey-scale values in every pixel. The sensors support software for both Android, Windows and embedded systems. The compact sensors are all capable of sustaining millions of repeated fingerprint readings.

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