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Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Everspin Technologies, Inc. is the worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, and commercially shipping discrete and embedded Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) and Spin-Torque MRAM (ST-MRAM) into markets and applications where data persistence and integrity, low latency, and security are paramount.  With over 50 Million MRAM and ST-MRAM products deployed in data center, cloud storage, energy, industrial, automotive, and transportation markets, Everspin has built the strongest and fastest growing foundation of MRAM users in the world.

Core Competence with MRAM: From Perpendicular to Field-Switched 

Everspin’s knowledge and experience in magnetic memory design, manufacture and delivery into relevant applications is unique within the semiconductor industry.  With an intellectual property portfolio of more than 500 active patents and applications, Everspin leads the market in development of both in-plane and perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) ST-MRAM bit cells.

Manufacturing - The Capacity to Deliver

In 2014, Everspin partnered with GLOBALFOUNDRIES for full turn-key 300mm high-volume production of in-plane and perpendicular MTJ ST-MRAM on advanced technology nodes including 40nm, 28nm and beyond.  In addition, Everspin owns and operates an integrated magnetic fabrication line located in Chandler, Arizona, where Everspin produces MRAM products are based on 180nm, 130nm, and 90nm process technology nodes. Product package and test operations are located in China, Taiwan and other Asian countries.


8-bit /16-bit Parallel Interface

MRAMEverspin 8-bit/16-bit Parallel Interface MRAM are SRAM compatible with 35/45ns access timing and unlimited endurance.  Data is non-volatile for greater than 20-years. Data is automatically protected on power loss by low-voltage inhibit circuitry to prevent writes with voltage out of specification.

Serial Peripheral Interface

Everspin Serial SPI MRAMs are the ideal memory for applications that must store and retrieve data and programs quickly using a minimum number of pins.

Quad Serial Peripheral Interface

The MR10Q010 Quad SPI MRAM is the ideal memory solution for applications that must store and retrieve data and programs quickly using a small number of pins, low power, and the space saving 16-pin SOIC package. The four I/O’s in Quad SPI mode allow very fast reads and writes at 52MB per second, making it faster than 8-bit parallel MRAMs.  This is great for next generation RAID controllers, server system logs, storage device buffers, and embedded system data and program memory.

DDR3 DRAM Compatible MRAM - Spin Torque Technology

The DDR3 Spin-Torque MRAM is a non-volatile memory that is non-volatile with high endurance at DDR3 speeds. The device is capable of DDR3 operation at rates of up to 800MT/sec/in. It is designed to comply with all DDR3 DRAM features such as posted CAS, on-device termination (ODT), and internal ZQ calibration. With Spin-Torque MRAM technology, cell refresh is not required, which greatly simplifies system design and reduces overhead.

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