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DNA Group is an integrated solutions provider disciplined in HMI, Connectivity, Smart Illumination, and Contract Manufacturing. With 30 years of experience, DNA Group delivers powerful integrated solutions to global OEMs, brands, and the next generation of market leaders, while successfully navigating the global marketplace and providing competitively priced components, assemblies, and solutions.



DNA Group is an integrated solutions provider disciplined in both wired and wireless connectivity. Having supplied interconnect solutions to customers around the globe, we understand the unique dynamics and evolving technology requirements of the marketplace and have the resources, experience and capabilities to source the component you need.

DNA Group offers a wide range of connectors for commercial and industrial use. Their global resources, advanced technology and industry expertise to continue to develop cutting-edge interconnect solutions and consistently meet the growing needs of our customers.

DNA Group has the global resources, apply advanced technologies and possess the industry expertise to deliver cutting-edge interconnect solutions. Their wide range of electro-mechanical connectors addresses commercial and industrial applications. Their wireless solutions range from engineered antenna components to electronic hardware and software required for today’s Internet of Things applications.

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Contract Manufacturing

Through DNA Group's extensive manufacturing capabilities and relationships with international partners, DNA Group can handle all forms of electro-mechanical and electronic manufacturing. DNA Group brings the world’s leading technologies, equipment and expertise together to provide our customers with the advanced solutions and products needed to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

From simple prototype assemblies to full turnkey solutions, DNA Group provides our customers with ultimate flexibility in the level of service and support best suited to meet their needs.

We offer a range of solutions for the established OEM and to the new business start-up. Our Contract Manufacturing Solutions include off-shore, on-shore and near shore partners, with the ability to scale between models. We welcome the opportunity to work from your concept and develop an entire product development roadmap, or quote to your existing documentation package to present a manufacturing cost proposal.

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DNA Group is an integrated HMI provider leading in multiple technology solutions across various industry segments. We provide North American support through each stage of the sourcing process. From concept to production, we deliver engineered components and value-added assemblies from qualified suppliers in low cost regions.

With 30 years of experience delivering HMI solutions, DNA Group marries the visual and aesthetic requirements of human interfaces with the demands of switching technology. Our solutions address the complex needs of HMI while delivering a cost effective, innovative, elegant and high quality solution.

We have engineering and manufacturing expertise in human to machine interface devices specializing in:

  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Haptics
  • Advanced communication protocols

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Smart Illumination

DNA Group is an integrated lighting solutions provider specializing in the control and packaging of light. We apply electro-optical technology to deliver complex illumination for architectural networked, cavity, accent and waterproof lighting solutions.

We have vertically integrated manufacturing services including in-house design and engineering:

  • Sourcing of LED components that provide the right efficiency and color temperature
  • Design of the electronic control system
  • Thermal design for efficient cooling
  • Lens and optic design
  • Packaging to deliver a complete integrated solution

Our capabilities can be utilized to reproduce the light output of traditional products or develop a design from the ground up. We offer patented optical technology, waterproof design with in-house photometric testing, thermal/optical simulation and rendering.

  • Custom lighting solutions for architectural, cavity and accent lighting
  • IP67 rated products for outdoor and underwater environments
  • Proprietary DMX software
  • Perform simulation and rendering of proposed lighting solutions
  • Reproduce lighting solutions with photometric reverse engineering technology

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