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Company Description

CTS provides customers with platform-based engineered components and modules, and related products, utilizing their expertise in RF design, filtering, frequency control, electromechanical, ceramic and ball-grid array technologies, and their knowledge of customer applications.

As an agile and responsive supplier, CTS can develop, adapt, apply and deliver a broad range of engineered components consistently to customer need better than anyone else in our industry.


  • Quartz Crystal & Oscillators
    • Quartz Crystals
    • Clock Oscillators
    • VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs
  • Ceramic Components
    • Monoblock Filters and Duplexers
  • Piezoelectric Ceramic Components
  • RF & Timing Modules
    • Clock Generators
    • Front End Modules
    • VCOs
  • Tusinix EMC Products
    • EMI/RFI Filters, Capacitors and Resonators
  • Heatsinks/Thermal Management Solutions

Authorized Distributors

Illinois Wisconsin
Avnet Electronics 847-396-7300 262-513-1500
Digi-Key 800-344-4539 800-344-4539
Future 847-273-0067 262-879-0244
Master (Taylor) 414-365-6335 414-365-6335
Mouser 800-346-6873 800-346-6873
RichardsonRFPD 630-262-6880 630-262-6880
TTI 847-884-6500 262-797-9233