Two Technologies That Will Enable Next-gen Communication Systems and Instruments

Thu, January 30, 2020 - 10:00 AM CST
Engineering 360 Webinar

With higher demand for bandwidth, transmission in high frequencies and modulation rates present new challenges when it comes to system noise, precision timing, noise rejection and compliance with tighter governing industry standards. 5G Wireless systems operating at sub-6GHz, millimeter wave band or GPS bands require tight filtering rejection along with low power insertion loss in concert with size and design cost for manufacturing. New RF ceramic filter technologies offer great alternatives for large air-cavity filters.

When it comes to timing, the combination of higher modulation bandwidth and transmission frequencies push precision devices to operate at frequencies above 100MHz while phase noise levels are expected to operate at very low levels allowing low noise frequency synthesis to multiply the frequency to higher operating rates. When it comes to imaging applications, high-definition images require low-jitter signal sources to allow high pixel rate image solution.

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